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Top 10 apps to find the best deals on Black Friday

Black Friday deal apps

Although November’s barely half over, most of us are thinking about Christmas shopping if we haven’t started already. Moments after that Turkey hits our stomachs, we’ll be packing ourselves into the car to prepare to fight the crowds for Black Friday. The key to a successful shopping trip is information, and we’ve got 10 great apps to do the trick. But first things first, make sure you bookmark our deals site so you can jump on the best online deals at a moment’s notice.

10 best apps to find Black Friday sales

1. SlickDeals

SlickDeals logo

SlickDeals is an app available for iOS and Android that is home to a community of people who do nothing but scour the internet for deals all year long. Members post deals that they see and people who have shopped the deal give feedback on it, like whether or not it’s worth the trip. On the front page, you can see the newest deals that have popped up and the “Popular” page shows the ones that are hottest. You can also flag deals on specific products to get alerts when a sale is listed.

Slickdeals: Coupons & Shopping Download Free

2. TGI Black Friday

This app organizes Black Friday deals by store, so you plan ahead to decide which stores you want to go to right away. This can really save you time in the rush of Black Friday, and make sure you don’t miss out on something because you went to the wrong store first.

TGI Black Friday Free Download

3. Best Buy

Best Buy is one of the most well known Black Friday destinations, as they occasionally even hire new employees just to work that day. With this in mind, you may realize that it’s also one of the hardest places to shop since it becomes so crowded. Ideally, you should know exactly what you want before entering so you can make the experience a seamless one.

Best Buy Free Download

4. Shopular

This app works year round to save you money with coupons, but it takes extra special care to do so for Black Friday. It has its own section of Black Friday coupons and deals that you’re able to look at far in advance from the actual day itself.

Coupons & Weekly Ads Shopular Free Download

5. Black Friday 2018 Ads Shopping

Black Friday 2018 logo

There are a ton of apps out there to help you save money while shopping, but Black Friday 2018 Ads Shopping is an app specifically for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. See full page ads for stores, and as you scroll page to page the items will show up so you can select them individually. You can use the filter function to select which stores that you’d like to see deals for, and favorite them to send to your wishlist. Save in-ad scans and coupons to the app to make it easier when you’re in store at the cashier.  App available for both iOS and Android.

Black Friday 2018 Ads Deals Free Download

6. Cyber Monday 2018 Deals and Ads

Cyber Monday is the online version of Black Friday, and can help avoid some of the chaos that ensues the week of Thanksgiving. While we’re at it, you may also like to check out our Softonic Solutions page to find out where the best deals are going to be for this Cyber Monday.

7. Amazon Shopping

Essentially the Best Buy of the web when it comes to Black Friday, Amazon is the perfect location to check out gifts for all those important in your life on either Friday or Monday.

Amazon Shopping Free Download

8. ShopSavvy

ShopSavvy logo

ShopSavvy lists all of the stores near you and boasts millions of deals that update constantly. The difference is that this app is mainly used as a barcode scanner. Instead of being able to save deals in the app, it redirects you to the sale page of the individual store where you can continue shopping and checkout. If you want to go back later, just favorite the store in the app.

There are articles with compilations for things like best television sales, best running shoes under $50, and best iPhone deals of the year. If you’re out and you see something that you like, you can scan the barcode to compare prices with other stores that have the item. If the item is available for price matching, save it, and later at the cashier, you can pull it up for an easy transaction. App available for iOS and Android.

ShopSavvy Download Free

9. Santa’s Bag

While certainly not exclusive to Black Friday, this app helps organize Christmas lists, which can make your shopping experience significantly easier. At the palm of your hand, you’ll be able to remember any detail of a gift your loved ones wanted.

10. Flipp

Flipp removes the tedious paper trail caused by cutting coupons by organizing them all onto your phone. It can help you get deals at any time but has specific deals for Black Friday itself as well.

Flipp - Weekly Ads & Coupons Free Download

Alternately, you could check out our Softonic deals page to find some of the best Black Friday deals of the year! With these apps, your Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping will be a breeze. Start saving now!

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