Top 10 card games on Softonic

poker1.pngHit or fold? There’s an incredible number of card games for your PC, from playground favorites Marvel or Magic, to casino classics, like Poker, Rummy or Craps. Even though a lot of these can be played online in private games rooms, you can still enjoy a good card game without betting away your savings or spending a week in Las Vegas though.

We picked out 10 card games you can play on your PC, alone or online with other human or AI opponents. Depending on whether you’re into more traditional games or if you want to try out something new you should check out the following list. We’ve selected the best and most downloaded card games. Let us know if there’s one of these you like most or if you have a special card trick up your sleeve.

  1. Marvel Trading Card Game – Card based strategy with all the Marvel superheros
  2. Prime Poker – Texas Hold’em, 7 Card Stud, Omaha, this poker game has them all
  3. Dream Vacation Solitaire – Play solitaire in an exotic surrounding
  4. MTG Studio – Create your own deck of cards for Magic The Gathering
  5. 32 Cards World Cup Edition – Can your team win the World Cup?
  6. Slingo Quest – 60 exciting and original card games
  7. Poker Supertars – Beat the pros at poker
  8. Rummy 500 – Score more points than your opponent
  9. Piquet – A game of declaring and pulling tricks
  10. Telltale Texas Hold’Em – A poker session with some odd 3D characters
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