Top 10 ebook apps for the summer

Cyril Roger


pile-of-books.jpgWhat better time to start digging at that pile of books you’ve left to dust all year long than summer vacation? You finally get the time to sit down and forget the hassle and stress of work and immerse yourself in a good novel. I personally like having a physical copy of a book with me, especially because I can skip forwards and backwards easily, and write up notes on pages.

If you’re a real geek though, you might be attracted to the trendier and all digital ebooks.There are already countless sites on the web from which you can download electronic copies of novels, comics, journals and more. Here are a few applications, most of them on mobile device (the best support for ebooks) to enjoy your novels under the shade, and preferably with a cool drink:

  • uBook – Reads most ebook files and displays images.
  • Haali Reader – A Pocket PC ebook reader with multiple column support.
  • eReader – A simple solution for Palm owners to quickly read edocuments .
  • MobiPocket Reader – Access the large collection of ebooks from the MobiPocket online store on your Palm.
  • eBook – Read ebooks in .prc and .pdb format on your smartphone.
  • TomeRaider – Access loads of free ebooks online via your phone.
  • ComiX – Enjoy more than 60 comic strips on your PC.
  • iComic – Subscribe to comic strips, drag and drop or quickly flip between them on this easy to use Mac app.
  • ComicBookLover – A comic book application with advanced viewing and editing.
  • Best eBook – This application for Symbian offers library and book view and hotkeys.

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