Top 10 Flash alternatives

clipboard01.jpgWhile sites built with Flash may always be to everyone’s liking, when you stumble across sites such as Viva Voodoo! you remember why it’s become a popular platform. The authoring tool gives you the power to conjure up spell-binding animations, games and immersive online applications. As connection speeds improve, Flash sites are able to load much quicker, making it now a truly viable alternative to HTML and CSS.

Of course, it takes hours of practice and dedication to be able to develop truly gripping Flash sites, and the cost of the Adobe app often puts people off. However, you shouldn’t be dissuaded from working with Flash because there are plenty of alterative programs that let you create animations without having to learn Flash itself. While these apps don’t contain nearly as many creative tools as the Flash authoring tool, they certainly allow you to design eye-catching presentations and animations.

1. Trendy Flash Site Builder: create professional quality Flash sites
2. KoolMoves: produce animated pages and banners
3. Flash Slideshow Maker: make animated photo slideshows
4. Amara Flash Photo Animation: transform your pictures into Flash animations
5. Selteco Flash Designer: Flash animation creator with effects templates
6. Amara Flash Slideshow Builder: produce captivating photographic slideshows
7. Zinc: build Flash-based desktop animations
8. Wondershare Flash Album Studio: apply cool themes and music to your photos
9. Text-Osterone: more than 200 animated text effects using Flash
10. Instant Demo: Screen cam creates Flash with MP3 sound

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