Top 10 reasons to use Windows

Top 10 reasons to use Windows

Top 10 reasons to use WindowsMost computers have Microsoft Windows preinstalled by default. The operating system, which will soon turn 25, has been widely criticised both by its own users and also users from other platforms.

Do you use Windows? According to statistics, you probably do. This is why we decided to start a series of posts about the main reasons to use different operating systems, starting off with Windows and covering also Mac OS and Linux. These are then the 10 main reasons why you should be proud to use Windows… at least until we find 10 reasons not to use it at all.

1. Out of habit
Be honest. You just bought a computer with Windows that already features pretty much anything you need. So why should you bother changing it?

2. Because you paid for it
When you buy a new computer, except for rare occasions, the Windows license is already included in the price. So if you’ve already paid for it, changing to another operating system would be a waste of money, wouldn’t it?

3. Because you’re a gamer
Windows is the platform of choice for hardcore gamers, mainly because PCs can be constantly upgraded to offer better and better performance. Many games are created only for Windows, and generally speaking, one can say that there’s more variety, they work better and are easier to configure and use.

4. For software and drivers
The same happens with drivers and software. Some developers seem to forget – fortunately not that often – about other platforms when developing hardware drivers and software applications. Although systems have their own alternatives, the truth is that there are more apps for Windows than for any other platform.

5. So that you don’t have to give explanations to anybody
If you have any less computer-literate friends, they’ll probably ask lots of questions when they see that weird operating system you use on your computer. We all know how tiring must be to tell the same tale over and over again, especially when you know your friends won’t understand a single word of what you say. So the best way to avoid these situations is by using Windows.

6. Because you don’t know how to use another OS – and don’t want to learn
Sometimes the less computer-literate one isn’t a buddy: it’s you. You just entered the world of computers and you’re still treading carefully among menus, buttons, folders and the like. Windows is already difficult enough for you, so why would you make the learning-process even harder with a whole new OS?

7. Because that’s what the boss said
I’m sure you’ve heard the sentence “The customer is always right”. Well, it’s wrong. It’s the boss who is always right, and if the boss says you should use Windows, you’d better use it…

8. Because of the cool “Next” button
We must admit the “Next” button is simple incredible. Hit it a few times and you’ll be installing all sorts of applications in just a few seconds. It can get really addictive!

9. Because Bill Gates is a relative
Family comes first. If Bill Gates is a relative of yours, he’d be shocked if he could see you using a different operating system. And if he doesn’t belong to your family, maybe it just feels like he does, the way you gripe and moan about him so much…

10. Because you like it
Although this is the last reason, it’s also the most important one. If you’re happy with Windows, you’re not pining for some special new feature and everything works fine, why should you bother installing and testing another operating system just to do the same stuff?

That’s it for today’s list. In the end, each one of us will continue using his/her favorite operating system, whether it is Windows, Mac OS, Linux or OS2/Warp. Keep an eye on our blog because in the next few weeks we’ll explain ten reasons not to use it, and we’ll also deal with Mac OS and Linux.

[Via OnSoftware Spain]

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