Top 10 translation apps

Cyril Roger


Ditch those dictionariesSummer holidays in a foreign country, you’re stuck in the middle of nowhere and nobody seems to understand you… the horror. If you’ve brought your laptop or mobile device with you (and if you’re a real geek you probably have) why not make use of some software to get across to the locals? Here are a number of applications to help you translate from and into any language.

  • Babylon Pro – The king of all translation apps, Babylon handles 50 languages and is presented in a neat little window which you can expose and hide quickly. It can give you spelling alternatives and quickly translate any piece of text.
  • Lingoes – For free, this application will handle around 60 languages. You can translate words by pointing at them with your cursor and pressing a hotkey.
  • TravelTalk – The perfect Windows Mobile tool for your summer vacation, TravelTalk can help you translate all those tricky travel situations like making a hotel reservation, ordering dinner or asking directions.
  • MultiTranse – Translate in 13 different languages, available as little flag icons on the program interface.
  • Google Translator – Use Google to translate words and web pages directly from your PC desktop.
  • Translation Service – This Mac application is accessible from your menu bar and can replace text with its translated version in most major Mac programs.
  • EasyTalk – A 2 way translator for Palm, EasyTalk can get you out of language misunderstandings. It automatically shows the equivalent to your word in the selected language. The program is divided into categories to make finding words easier.
  • Speereo Voice Translator – This Pocket PC application will read aloud sentences in 11 different languages and all sorts of topics like health, entertainment or shopping. A great way to get a feel as to how a foreign language sounds.
  • Hypercontext – Thinking of hiking up to the Tibet and having a chat with the Dalaï Lama? Hypercontext can automatically translate your words into Tibetan.
  • English to Pirate translator – If your cruise ship gets assaulted by pirates, save the situation by negotiating with them in pirate talk, har har har!

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