Top 10 widgets for your Mac

Top 10 widgets for your Mac

DashboardWhen you first discover the Mac Dashboard and widgets you’re usually pretty impressed at the smooth design and streamlined integration. Once you get over the excitement of the typical RSS, clock or crossword puzzle widgets though you’re often left with the bitter sensation that widgets look nice, but don’t really serve any purpose. And if, in your dazzled, overexcited state, you’ve piled up way too much of them, your Mac will also start to complain.

Widgets should really only be used if you need them. We’ve decided to write up a list of 10 original, fun to use or simply very practical widgets. You don’t need to install them all, but you can hand-pick some you like from this list:

  • iStat pro – Get detailed performance statistics on all key areas of your Mac.
  • The BART Widget – If you live in the Bay Area, this is the ultimate commuter tool.
  • Dine-O-Matic – Randomly find a good restaurant for tonight.
  • Starry Night – Shows you the constellations in your geographical region.
  • Tomatometer – Read up on Rotten Tomatoes movie reviews.
  • Scoreboard – This minimalistic widget shows you all latest baseball scores.
  • Air Traffic – Advanced widget to find WiFi hotspots near you.
  • Sudoku Widget – If you haven’t gotten hooked to Sudoku yet, this is the chance.
  • Facebook Watch – This widget brings one of the most hyped websites of the year onto your Dashboard.
  • Word of the Day – Discover a random word from everyday.
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