Top 10 XP optimisation tools

Top 10 XP optimisation tools

Optimise XP logoIf XP has been giving you problems in terms of slow performance and sluggish graphics, then you may need to run an optimiser. System optimisers take a look at your system and tweak it where needed so that your operating system is once again working at it’s optimum level. This usually involves deleting wasteful files, reorganising fragmented archives, flushing out your RAM and generally tightening-up your system. Here’s my top ten:

MindSoft Utilities XP – All-in-one optimiser, repair and protection tool

WinXp Manager – Optimises and gives a full breakdown of your hardware stats

FreeRam XP – Optimises your RAM usage if your suffering from slow graphics

Systerac XP Tools – 18 components to tweak your system

XPepius – Includes many tweaks and security enhancements

XP Tools Pro – Very fast optimiser that also frees-up hard drive space

TuneXP – Easy-to-use optimiser with drop down menus

XP Smoker – Optimises XP’s registry in a few clicks

DTweak – Lots of nice graphics and a useful defrag tool

Magic Tweak – Modify hundreds of Windows settings

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