Top 101 free software applications

Best free software applicationsThe guys at MakeTechEasier have made an excellent compilation of the best free software applications for daily computer use. It’s an impressive collection of 101 tools that can make your job – and your life – easier both at work and at home.

The list is divided into several convenient categories that cover every important topic relating to computer usage: security, office suites, web browsing, desktop management, graphic editing, instant messaging, backup tools, file compression, system optimization, photo organizers, video converters and more. Some of the programs included are Abiword, Avast! Home, AutoHotkey, Paint.Net, Audacity, Pidgin, 7-Zip, SmartDefrag and FxFoto, all of them available on Softonic.

You’ll already know a bunch of these apps and probably use some others too. In either case, checking these lists is always a good idea. Who knows, you may be missing a great piece of software which you won’t be able to live without from now on!

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