15 Best VPNs for Chrome for 2023

15 Best VPNs for Chrome for 2023
Shaun M Jooste

Shaun M Jooste

A virtual private network is excellent for when you want to browse the internet anonymously without anyone tracking your behavior. Browsers like Chrome have extensions that integrate VPN services directly so that you can use them without too much hassle. While most of these are free, you’ll have limited functionality until you activate a paid premium edition.

In this guide, we’ll look at the 15 best VPNs for Chrome for 2023 that offer the best tools and features.

Free VPN for Chrome – VPN Proxy VeePN

VeePN is the provider of this VPN extension for Chrome. You can unblock access to restricted sites in your location with more than 2,500 servers in over 60 countries. It also stops adverts from appearing on the viewing content, but it doesn’t log any of your activity.

Free VPN for Chrome - VPN Proxy VeePN DOWNLOAD

One of the top benefits is that the free VPN doesn’t limit how much you can browse the internet in terms of bandwidth and traffic. It’s also easy to set up with only a few clicks. The smart VPN protocols ensure that no one can hack Chrome while you’re using it. 

15 Best VPNs for Chrome

SetupVPN – Lifetime Free VPN

The key focus of the SetupVPN Chrome extension is bypassing controls put in place by public authorities, such as the government, schools, or the corporate environment. With the VPN enabled, you can quickly browse apps and social media platforms that these entities block. Of course, it may disturb your productivity and focus, which is why they’re put in place in the first place. 


Fortunately, you don’t need much technical knowledge to install and use SetupVPN as one of the best VPNs for Chrome. However, it does need some permissions to run properly on your device. You’ll receive notifications if the VPN loses a connection.

ZenMate Free VPN–Best VPN for Chrome

If you want more than access to several countries, ZenMate Free VPN also protects your data from hackers and malware. There are more than 2,000 servers in about 74 locations, so you’ll be spoilt for choice when you want to see content blocked in your region. It also connects to popular streaming services. Some examples are Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Disney Plus.


Of course, some of these services are clever enough to verify your residential address first. In these situations, VPN services don’t really help at all. Still, you can enjoy anonymous internet browsing with encrypted connections.

15 Best VPNs for Chrome

Browsec VPN – Free VPN for Chrome

When it comes to cross-platform performance, few have the speed and abilities of Browsec VPN. When used as a Chrome extension for Windows, it changes your I.P. address and adds encryption so that no one can track your online activities. You can even use it when traveling abroad when you want to access content in your home country.


Unfortunately, the free version does have some limitations. For example, there are limited download and streaming speeds. You’ll need to purchase the premium edition and connect it to your Chrome browser for its full potential.

15 Best VPNs for Chrome

Urban Free VPN proxy Unblocker – Best VPN

Do you prefer toggling choices when it comes to VPNs for Chrome? Urban Free VPN has small switches on the control panel that lets you enable or disable adblocking and secure browsing. While it may seem odd, these choices are necessary if you’re visiting a site stopped by the VPN service.

Urban Free VPN proxy Unblocker DOWNLOAD

Connecting to public Wi-Fi connections can be risky. Hackers use these online terminals to quickly hack into your device and steal your info. Urban Free VPN has protocols in place to secure these connections, which means you can safely stream content anywhere.

15 Best VPNs for Chrome

Browser VPN – Free Chrome VPN

One of the most minimalistic designs for a Chrome VPN extension is Browser VPN. Developed by IPUnblock, it lists several countries around the world. It might not have as many as popular VPN providers, but you’ll still be able to download, stream, and game online.


Once you have a connection, you can browse for three hours before Browser VPN disconnects. The protocols ensure that you don’t leave it idling when not in use, switching servers for further protection. You can reconnect as many times as you want.

15 Best VPNs for Chrome

VPN Proxy Master – free unblock VPN & security

Here’s another VPN for Chrome that integrates with several online streaming services. You can watch country-specific content on BBC, Disney+, Netflix, and more. If you’re using VPN services on your mobile phone, you may recognize this service that’s popular on Android operating systems.


VPN Proxy Master delivers impressive performance on Windows when using the Chrome extension. It uses military-grade security, and it doesn’t log any of your activities. You can even override site firewalls if you desperately need to access the content.

15 Best VPNs for Chrome

Free VPN for Chrome – Free VPN

You won’t find many Chrome VPNs that let you use their services without first registering an account. Free VPN for Chrome is one of these, with a small window that lets you quickly connect to a secure server. While the product website doesn’t offer much info, you’ll still be able to stream overseas movies and shows.

Free VPN for Chrome DOWNLOAD

While you can mask your online activities, hackers will also not be able to steal your identity or passwords. It’s a better option than going incognito on Chrome, which simply clears your cookies after each use.

15 Best VPNs for Chrome

Hoxx VPN Proxy

While some VPN configurations are challenging, you won’t find any issues with Hoxx VPN Proxy. It chiefly focuses on bypassing government restrictions in countries so that you can access any content you’d like. It’s also an ideal solution for protecting your data on public Wi-Fi connections.


You’ll need to create a Hoxx account if you want to connect on Chrome, though. It’s still free, as is the service it provides on the browser.  However, you’ll need to pay for the premium package if you want more advanced security features.

Hotspot Shield Free VPN Proxy – Unlimited VPN

Pango is the developer that brings Hotspot Shield to Chrome. As part of the premium services, it stops adverts from appearing on the browser and prevents hackers from accessing your details. While accessing overseas content, it hides your I.P. address to keep your browsing anonymous.

Hotspot Shield VPN Free Proxy DOWNLOAD

You’ll only have access to these premium VPN features during the 7-day trial. If you want to continue using them, you’ll have to pay for a monthly subscription. The other option is sticking to limited services in the free version.

15 Best VPNs for Chrome

ExpressVPN: VPN proxy for a better internet

We’d be surprised if you haven’t heard of ExpressVPN or seen one of its adverts while searching for the best VPNs for Chrome, desktop, or mobile. It’s one of the top names in the industry. Of course, with such quality services comes the demand for a paid subscription. You won’t be able to use the extension for free.

ExpressVPN for Chrome DOWNLOAD

ExpressVPN has more than 3,000 servers in more than 94 countries. Paying members have access to online movies and shows, downloads, torrents, gaming, and so much more. It also provides support in 17 languages.

15 Best VPNs for Chrome

Surf VPN – Free & Secure proxy

Another popular name in the Chrome VPN industry, Surf VPN is free to use on the browser with no strings attached. You won’t need to worry about switching locations now and again. It also doesn’t limit streaming and download speeds, as some of the providers do with free accounts.


The interface is easy to use, and you simply select a location and connect. It selects a smart location for the country that provides faster server speeds so you won’t have to worry about performance issues.

15 Best VPNs for Chrome

IP Unblock – Free VPN to unblock websites

You’ll recognize this name from the other VPN service it provides, Browser VPN. However, the main difference with IP Unblock is that it unlocks specific social media platforms and websites usually restricted by companies at work. Some examples are Facebook, Roblox, and Reddit.


Of course, you run the risk of getting into trouble if your company or other authority catches you accessing restricted sites by overriding the I.P. protocols. If this doesn’t bother you, you can use IP Unblock on Chrome for free without ever providing card or bank details.

15 Best VPNs for Chrome

VPN Plus – Best VPN for Chrome

The final VPN for Chrome on our list is VPN Plus. The extension has an elegant, simple design that lets you quickly select a country and connect. You won’t need to register an account, and it will ensure that your browsing activity remains hidden from prying eyes. 


When you search for a connection, VPN plus will first check which of its servers provides the fastest speeds. You’ll be able to stream online content and also play games with others in that country. It’s the best way to enhance the multiplayer action when you want to enter competitions in specific locations.

15 Best VPNs for Chrome

VPN Master

There are two top functions included with VPN Master. On the one hand, you can bypass regional restrictions for online content. The second part of the Chrome VPN focuses on blocking ads that might appear while streaming or visiting sites.


With over 100 servers in several countries, VPN Master has top security encryption that will protect your device and data while using public Wi-Fi hotspots. It effectively changes your I.P. address so no one can access your private information.

best VPN for chrome

Securely access content worldwide

It’s imperative that you remain secure online in any way possible to prevent hackers from stealing your information and browsing activity. VPNs are only one way that you can do so, but you need to ensure that it gives you complete protection from the dangers you’ll find on the internet.

Of course, you’ll also have access to entertainment from other countries where they’ll usually restrict you. Always make sure that you research the VPN provider and feedback from users so that you feel assured about using the extensions.

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