Top 4 fun trivia apps

Top 4 fun trivia apps
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Ever throw a party for different groups of friends? Worried your cousins won’t like your roommates and your improv team and the dudes from your fantasy football league? A great way to break the ice and get everyone comfortable is to play a party game. Skip the board games and get everyone’s brain humming with a battle of trivia!

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Top 4 fun trivia apps

1. Trivia Crack
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One of the most popular trivia apps to date, Trivia Crack is really fun and easy to use. Connect on Facebook or let the app choose a random player to play against. Then, spin the wheel to choose one of six categories: Science, Sports, History, Entertainment, Art, and Geography. If you answer correctly, you can keep answering until you lose, and then it’s your opponent’s turn. You can play more than one game at the same time, but your game expires after one day of inactivity.

There’s also the Triviathon option. Answer as many questions as you can non-stop. When you get a question wrong, you have to start over. The length of your winning streak determines how many in-game coins you’ll get which you can use to customize your profile picture. You can play for hours without realizing it because this app is so addicting. Available for iPhone and Android.

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2. Jeopardy World Tour
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You can now play the game from the famous television show.  Choose topics worth different amounts of money and if you win, you get the game cash and choose the next clue category.

In the World Tour version, you can go to locations in the app like Los Angeles and Australia to compete against other players. For each location that you win, you’ll get in-game cash that allows you to advance to other levels. You can also connect on Facebook to play against friends. Once you get to level two, you won’t have to deal with any ads during the game. Available for iPhone and Android.

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3. HQ Trivia
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HQ  is the leader in the new wave of trivia games. Every night HQ broadcasts a live trivia game. A fun (and sometimes cringy) host asks a total of 12 multiple choice trivia questions ranging from easy to really, really hard. If you get all 12 questions correctly you win real money! It’s not very much since you split the jackpot with all the other players all over the world that win, but there are a few people on the leaderboard who have won hundreds of dollars.


4. QuizUp
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What makes Quiz Up cool is that it offers a ton of topics – the most we’ve ever seen in a trivia app. Start with choosing the three that interest you the most, like Harry Potter, sports teams, or U.S. Presidents and you can add more topics over time. Play on your own or against a friend or random player a choose the right answer from multiple choice questions.

Like most trivia games, the questions are timed, and if both players and answer correctly, the player who answers the most quickly gets a few more points. If you lose you can move on to another topic or request a rematch. Another feature is the opportunity to use in-game coins to enter tournaments, and if you win, you’ll get featured at the top of the app. Available for iPhone and Android.

Time to get those brain gears turning!

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