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Top 5 apps to help you relax

Madison Brown


Life can be hectic, and we all need ways to unwind. Kick your feet up, grab a snack, and check out our top 5 picks for mobile meditation apps that will help you stop, breathe & think, and relax after a long day and go to sleep feeling happier and calmer. These are the best apps to help you exert more control over your mental health.

Top 5 apps to help you relax


Calm asks you how you’d best like to let off steam, and starts with a soothing voice talking you through simple things you can do to relieve stress, like sitting up straight, breathing exercises, and meditation sessions. There are also a number of well-being tracks that you can choose from, like a recording of Bob Ross as he’s painting, nature sounds, and the impressive Sleep Stories series that include bedtime stories that promote stress relief, lower stress levels, and bring on deep sleep. You start with a 7-day free trial, and then you pay $59.99 per year for basic access. Available on iPhones, iPads and Android smartphones.



The main focus of Headspace is meditation. When you sign up, it starts by first getting to know you by asking a few questions about your experience with meditation. You’ll then choose the time of day you like to meditate the most and the app will set a reminder to begin sessions lead by different people that vary in length. Available for iOS and Android.

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My Oasis

My Oasis lets you create your own floating sanctuary in the sky and inhabit it with animals and plants. Collect hearts by tapping anywhere on the screen and use those to get more animals, plants, aircraft, and decorations. My Oasis has a dreamy aesthetic that makes you feel like nothing could ever go wrong. Available for iOS and Android.

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Terrarium is an app where you can maintain your own greenhouse. You collect oxygen bubbles that are released by your plants, allowing you to level up and select different types of plants. The more you level up, the more oxygen bubbles you have, and not only can you get more plants, but also fertilizer and bug repellant. Double and triple the amount of bubbles you can get by watching short in-game advertisements. Available for iOS and Android.

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Selfcare uses everyday tasks like watering plants, reading, and putting away laundry to declutter your character’s space and organize your mind. You’ll tap different objects around the room, which take you to mini-games or display self-help phrases. This mindfulness app is available on Apple iOS devices.

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Now, take a deep breath, clear your mind, and enjoy a calmer day.

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