Top 5 BearShare add-ons and extensions

Top 5 BearShare add-ons and extensions

BearShare logoBearShare has never really enjoyed the success that other P2P networks such as eMule and Limewire have but it still soldiers on as a very solid file sharing application. I always found that in the early days, it became swamped by fake files and since there was no way of previewing files as they downloaded, I got tired of realising I’d downloaded another dud. The one thing that BearShare always had in its favour though was usability – it’s so easy that even kids and your parents can use it without too much pain. What’s more, the latest version is the most helpful ever featuring guidance tips and hint bubbles to help you get the most out of it and optimise your downloads. You can also enhance its capabilities with a number of useful extensions and add-ons. Here are 5 of the best:

BearShare Accelerator – Download speed boosting app designed to use 100% of your bandwidth

BearShare Manager – Manage and keep track of your downloads more easily

BearFlix – BearShare client that is dedicated to video files only

BearShare SpeedUp Pro – Not only speeds-up downloads but adds extra search functions

– Preview BearShare files before they are fully downloaded

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