Top 5 burning and ripping apps for Mac

Cyril Roger


Toast TitaniumThere are so many burning programs out there, that it can be tough to separate the wheat from the chaff. To be honest though, the quality and speed at which you burn CDs or DVDs almost wholly depends on your optical drive. I like how easy it is to burn discs on a Mac, but I still prefer to use a third party application, simply because they offer more features to work with. Here is a roundup of the best five burning programs for your Mac:

  •  BurnAgain DVD – A good choice if working with CDRs,CDRWs or DVDRWs. As the name suggests this app is specialized at burning data on discs already containing material. What’s more it works in an incremental way, comparing what is on the disc with what you want to copy and only saving new material. Note that BurnAgain DVD preserves you profiles and configurations to make future burns faster.
  • Roxio Toast Titanium – A full suite which allows you to burn, recover and backup data. Roxio Toast Titanium includes both TiVo and Blu-Ray support, making it a good choice if you want to make use of the latest technology. Thanks to a streamlined interface you’ll find the burning and backup processes to be relatively straightforward.
  • ffmpegX – One of the best all time open source applications for Mac, ffmpegX is an excellent choice for ripping DVDs or CDs and converting them into any video format you want. It’s quick and reliable, handles subtitles and includes advanced settings so you can adjust video and audio parameters.
  • MacTheRipper – Another excellent open source alternative, MacTheRipper is fast and reliable. It’s a very popular choice when ripping DVDs. One of my favorite bits with it is that you can precisely select what you want to keep or remove from the DVD.
  • Disco – Not only those it have a great interface (just look at the smoke effect when it’s running), but Disco is also very efficient. Drag and drop your files, choose a destination, and let Disco do the wor. The application is unintrusive and burns discs quickly. A nice little detail is that, thanks to motion sensor, it can alert you if your Mac is moved around in a way that could mess up your burning session.

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