Top 5 chess games

Chess pieceThey call it the game of Kings although nowadays it’s one of the most universal games on the planet and even more accessible than ever now that you can play it on your PC. I’ve always been absolutely useless myself and in despair, have often resorted to using the horses to gallop around the board destroying anything in their path. If only these games were around when I was a kid, I might have become a grandmaster instead of being one of the best Kerplunk players in the world. Here are my top 5 chess games:

  • Chessmaster – The Ferrari of chess games featuring tutorials
  • GNU Chess – Open source with lots of perspectives and levels
  • War Chess – No more marble figures – use real Knights, Kings and Queens
  • Kung Fu Chess – You’ve never seen chess pieces take each other out like this before
  • ShaagChess – 2D and 3D chess games where you can preview moves in advance
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