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Top 5 Dungeons and Dragons podcasts

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Many people don’t have the time or social circles to play D&D themselves on a regular basis. With dozens of podcasts to choose from, D&D podcasts can be a great way to supplement this adventure, or just have a few laughs. Here are the top D&D podcasts that you should check out.

Top 5 Dungeons & Dragons podcasts

5. The Glass Cannon

The Glass Cannon is a great podcast for people interested in tabletop games but haven’t had the chance to play any themselves. They do a great job at helping the listener understand what’s going on, while still providing a great and humorous campaign story. Also note that unlike the other podcasts on this list, The Glass Cannon typically plays Pathfinder instead of D&D.

4. Sneak Attack

While most Dungeons and Dragons podcasts focus on the comedic aspects of D&D, Sneak Attack tends to have a much deeper narrative than some other homebrew campaigns. It is definitely worth checking out, if you’re interested at getting deeply invested in the lore and story of a campaign.

3. Critical Role

If you’re apart of nerd culture then you’ve probably heard of Critical Role. This show features a variety of popular nerd-culture icons, including the famous voice actor: Matthew Mercer. This show is so popular, that a homebrew class created for it, Blood Hunter, was eventually officially released by Wizards of the Coast.

2. Drunks and Dragons

If you think Dungeons and Dragons can get pretty crazy while sober, then imagine doing it drunk. Drunks and Dragons is a hilarious podcast that has won a variety of awards for its exceptional editing and colorful group of characters.

1. The Adventure Zone

Probably the second most popular D&D content after Critical Role, if not the most popular. The Adventure Zone features the three McElroy brothers and their father as they play a series of incredibly comedic homebrew D&D games. It is deep and humorous, with a truly memorable and engaging story.

There are mountains of D&D podcasts out there, but each of these has stood the test of time and prevailed due to their immersive stories, characters, and humor. All of them are worth checking out!

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