Top 5 free CAD tools



CAD Design 2Computer Aided Design might sound like a bit of an antiquated term nowadays but it’s still used widely and the basis of many of today popular apps such as Google Sketch Up. CAD first emerged in the 1960’s in the design of aircraft and automobiles but now it’s a standard tool in any architects or structural designer’s workshop. There are many CAD programs you can download of varying quality and sophistication, ranging from free to extremely expensive. Here is a compilation of the top 5 free apps:

  • ZwCAD – A free alternative to AutoCAD supporting native use of the DWG format
  • DWGSee – Allows you to view DWG files in DXF and DWF formats
  • RasterVect – Take any picture or drawing, scan it and edit in a CAD app
  • CadStd Lite – Easy to use CAD application for absolute beginners

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