Top 5 GPS tools

Top 5 GPS tools

GPS deviceGPS is surely one of the best things to happen to navigation in a long time. For map illiterates like me, the chance to just tap in a few coordinates and let a computer do the hard work is a dream come true. No more getting lost down dark alleys or wondering where the hell the A21 road turned into the A22 road. There are many useful little GPS add-ons that you can run in Windows that utilise GPS technology or extend the capabilities of your GPS device. These range from adding GPS functions to your photo collection to integrating your device with other navigational apps such as Google Earth. Here is a selection of 5 of the best:

EasyGPS – Backup, transfer and plot your navigation coordinates for your external GPS device

GPSBabel – Convert waypoints, tracks and routes from one format to another

RoboGEO – Map exactly when and where in the world your photos were taken

JetPhoto Studio – A more sophisticated GPS photo tool that includes organizational tools

geepeeeyes – Connect your GPS device to Google Earth for the ultimate navigational tool

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