Top 5 indie games to play right now

Indie games often have some of the most unique and original ideas out there. Some, such as Minecraft, even become popular enough to get bought by larger companies. It can be a bit difficult though to find the great indie games, considering how many there are out there. Thankfully, our Softonic Solutions community has the answer to this question, with a ranking of the best 64 indie games! Solutions is a great site to get answers for any of your gaming or tech-related questions. Here are some of their top indie game choices:

5. Darkest Dungeon

When it comes to unique indie game experiences, Darkest Dungeon really takes it to the next level. It’s hard to find a game to compare this to, other than the broad genre of roguelike RPGs. Difficult, yet incredibly rewarding, this game is great if you’re looking for something a little dark and strategic.

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4. The Binding of Isaac

Another dark-themed indie game, The Binding of Isaac is an enthralling roguelike. Play as Isaac as he journeys through his basement and fights his inner demons with his tears. The gameplay of this game is incredibly immersive and addicting, and you’ll soon find yourself looking for all the hidden secrets this game has to offer.

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3. Rust

Fans of survival games will definitely want to check Rust out. This game was partially inspired by Minecraft, and you can see some of the elements taken from there. These elements, along with the survival-based gameplay, allow for some deeper and more rewarding survival achievements than other games in the genre.

2. Broforce

One of the best parts of indie games is their ability to parody real life in ways that games made by larger studios may be too afraid to do. Broforce parody’s the “bro” archetype in ways that even a bro himself can appreciate. This game is a perfect combination of subtle humor and run-and-gun action.

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1. Terraria

While most people think of Minecraft first when they hear of a sandbox builder, but Terraria has a unique charm that is often overlooked. This game features is in 2D, and features a more fantasy-based setting than Minecraft does. It’s definitely worth checking out if you’re looking for something a little different and unique in the sandbox adventure genre!

Terraria Download now ►

You can find out more about these and other great indie games by checking out our Softonic Solutions page and seeing what our brilliant contributors suggest. Or share your own favorites! The Solutions community awaits your input.

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