Top 5 ISO tools and burners

Top 5 ISO tools and burners

ISO imageISO images are archive files – also known as disk images – of an optical disc using the conventional ISO format that has become the standard for file burning. The name is taken from the “ISO 9660” file system that’s used with CD-ROMs but nowadays, it refers to any optical image. Creating ISOs is an excellent way to backup data, especially large amounts such as the contents of your operating system or to backup large programs. The advantage with them is that any problems can be easily remedied by simply replacing the damaged copy with the image you’ve burned. However, to create an ISO image you’ll need some decent ISO imaging software and so here are 5 of the best:

ISO Recorder – Simple, elegant and straightforward, this is a highly popular choice

WinISO – Integrates into Windows shell and exceedingly easy to use

IsoBuster – Powerful and takes you through the imaging process from start to finish

LC ISO Creator – Probably the simplest ISO burner there is but quite limited

PowerISO – If any of the above have failed, this is renowned as one of the most powerful

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