Top 5 PC maintenance schedulers

Top 5 PC maintenance schedulers

Maintenance logoPC maintenance is something that most people carry out in the first few months of receiving their new machine and then proceed to completely forget or ignore for the remainder of the computer’s lifetime. That lifetime is often considerably shorter than it would have been if they’d only managed to carry out regular basic maintenance. When the computer starts to slow down, most people think that buying more memory, tweaking the operating system or simply buying a new one is the answer to their problems. In fact, I’d guess that poor maintenance is the reason that many a PC has been needlessly consigned to an early grave. Remembering to defrag, clean and scan your PC for spyware never usually works – it’s far better to schedule the tasks to automatically work. Windows System Scheduler is the basic tool that comes bundled with Windows to help you do this but it’s neither particularly easy to configure or customise. These top 5 maintenance schedulers should make life much easier and ensure that your PC lives a longer life:

Ghost Control – Record macros to automatically execute maintenance programs at any time

nCleaner – Schedule regular and thorough cleaning of your hard drive

JkDefrag – Prevent hard drive slow downs by scheduling defrags with this tool

Advanced Registry Doctor – Keep your registry in tip top condition by scheduling scans

GetRight – Don’t let downloads slow down your PC – schedule them for completion later

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