Top 5 pinball classics

PinballThose were the days – hanging around the amusement arcade playing Outrun, trying to knock 2 pence pieces out of those slot machines and of course, pinball. In my local arcade, there were pinball machines for every theme you could think of from Evil Dead to naked ladies jumping over the ball. Eventually, I got my own mini-pinball machine at home until I smashed the plastic casing during a tilt scenario and so in the end, all I was left with was my PC. But that’s not such a bad thing – the theme variations and special effects on a PC are far more impressive although nothing can beat the feel of pulling that trigger!

  • Future Pinball – Awesome pinball game which allows you to make it just as you want
  • WildSnake Pinball – It’s got a Christmas theme but got some great targets and obstacles
  • Trap Pinball – Play against a friend at the same time with tons of combo shots
  • Monster Fair – Monsters and Aliens galore in this great graphics pinball game
  • Superball Arcade – A compendium of games including a very basic pinball shooter
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