Top 5 pool games

Color of MoneyPool, or pocket billiards it was known a long time ago, is one of my favourite games. There’s something very soothing about smacking alabaster balls around a cloth with a big stick. Apparently, I’m in good company too. Other enthusiasts of the sport included Mozart, Louis XIV and Bob Hope. In their day however, pool involved venturing down to smoke filled pool halls where you’d probably either end up drunk as a skunk or with a pool cue through your head. If only technology had advanced enough at that time, they could have enjoyed these top 5 pool games from the safety of their PCs. Then again, if that had happened, The Color of Money might have been a very different film…

  • Carom 3D – Use the cushions to gain points and chat to competitors
  • Real Pool – Very realistic 8-ball or 9-ball simulation
  • DDD Pool – Great graphics and lots of different venues to play in
  • Cue Club – Try your hand against the best players on the circuit
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