Top 5 portable encryption tools

Top 5 portable encryption tools

Encryption logoIf you’re on the the move a lot, then file security is always a concern. There’s not much you can do to protect your laptop from security breaches other than making sure that you’ve password protected your log-on screen and disguised your most confidential folders as well as possible. However, this is neither very secure or convenient and if you’re like me, you’ll only end up confusing yourself by hiding private folders in your Windows folders. It’s far better and often very simple, to encrypt your hard drive so that it’s only accessible via passkeys or by running a certain program. The good thing too is that there’s several portable solutions that you can carry around on a USB drive which can encrypt your hard drive periodically or on-the-fly. Here’s 5 of the best:

TrueCrypt – Codes and decodes your hard drive and data in real time

Steganos Secure Traveller – Powerful encryption for everything from disks to WiFi connections

PowerKey – Ultra powerful encryption for highly confidential data

HandyCrypto – Uses strong AES encryption for protection on the fly

Cryptic Disk – Also provides tools to partition and then encrypt divided drives

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