Top 5 portable game suites



USB wireless stick... well, you get the ideaIf you’re always on the move with your laptop, there are no doubt times when you wish you could have a few decent games with you to pass some time. Windows comes preinstalled with a bunch of pretty uninspiring games such as solitaire and pinball, but you can do much better by taking your own puzzle suite with you on the road. Most of these suites consist of mind benders, word games and basic platform games but the good thing is, there’s plenty of choice so if you get bored of one, you’re sure to find something else that you like. Just pop them on a USB stick and off you go!

  • MojoPac – Allows you to fit your favourite desktop games on an external device
  • PokerTH Portable – For all you gambling fans out there – play against opponents online

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