Top 5 right-click extensions

Top 5 right-click extensions

MouseOne thing that most Windows users can’t do without is their right mouse button. As one user who switched to Mac once said, “Losing the right mouse button is like losing a limb”. No amount of shortcuts or launchers in the world can make up for that sweet right-click that facilitates everything from downloading to quick cutting and pasting. However, if you’re only using the default options that Windows offers when you right click then you’re not getting the most out of your mouse’s right click button. Here’s 5 top ways to quite literally, add more power to your elbow.

DownThemAll! – Add downloads instantly to your download manager in Firefox

Rightload – Upload files instantly to an FTP server simply by right clicking on it

– Clean up your right click context menu and get rid of old or useless options

FileMenu Tools
– Add customised commands for installed programs to the right-click menu

Open Command Window Here – Adds an instant shortcut to the command tool

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