Top 5 software for your Christmas/New Year party



party logoOne of the best things about Christmas and New Year is all the parties that take place. If you’re organising your own however, it can quickly turn into more hassle than it’s worth if you’re not organised or have everything arranged well in advance. To make sure you don’t spend this Christmas or New Year more stressed about whether your party is going to turn out OK rather than actually enjoying it, here are 5 top tools to help you party like it’s 1999.

  • PartyDJ – Compile playlists and mix your favourite party anthems
  • Ots CD Scratch – Virtual turntables for if you really fancy yourself as the party DJ
  • KaraFun – For if you’re thinking of adding karaoke to the proceedings
  • Snap – Use your webcam to take shots of the party in case you don’t remember it

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