Top 5 tools for bloggers

Blogging logoIf this is the year that you’ve decided to go ahead with that blog that you’ve been dreaming about, then you’ve come to the right place. Apart from the major platforms such as Blogger , WordPress and Windows Live Writer, there are several blogging tools on Softonic to help improve or enhance your blogging. If you’re still deciding on a platform, a while back James wrote an interesting comparison between WordPress and Movable Type which highlights some of the pros and cons of each.

I’ve personally only used WordPress and Blogger and found both have their advantages and disadvantages. Both now have their own hosted versions which are highly customisable and easier to use although I’d say WordPress wins in terms of design and template options. Remember too that both WordPress and Blogger offer free hosting on the domain name of your choice (as long as you own it of course) so you can enjoy all the advantages of both without the annoying “blogspot” or “wordpress” prefixes in the address.

  • Blogger for Word – No need to log-in – simply publish to Blogger from Microsoft Word
  • Post2Blog – WYSIWYG desktop publisher to a wide range of platforms
  • Blog Blaster – Allows you to ping your blog to your favourite directories in a click
  • BlogJet – Manage all your blogs without even opening a browser
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