Top 5 tools for hotkey heaven

KeyboardOne way to reduce the amount of mouse clicking you do and increase productivity is to create Hotkeys. Hotkeys are basically a way of using your keyboard to create shortcuts to functions that usually require browsing through menus, double clicking and other laborious actions. Depending on the program, you can create shortcuts to performs literally any kind of function. The best ones work with macros that means you can record the function you want to perform and then save it to the designated key of your choice. Here is my top 5 selection:

  • Qliner Hotkeys – Open source hotkey program supporting over 100 keyboards
  • Hotkeycontrol XP – Also allows you to configure keyboards with multimedia keys
  • HotkeyP – Supports macros for mouse recording
  • HotKey QL – Allows you to keep a useful list of all your hotkey combinations
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