Top 5 tools for recording Skype calls

Skype record screenshotRecording your Skype conversations can be useful for a number of reasons. If you use it for professional reasons, it gives you a guaranteed slice of evidence in case you have any major disputes. Or, if you’re a disgruntled consumer, you might find it useful to record the response of a rude customer service agent. Even on a creative level, you can record Skype conversations and then use them in soundtracks or have fun editing them later for practical jokes. Here are 5 top recording apps:

  • SkypeCap – Record conversations and even video
  • KishKish SAM – Dedicated answering machine with extensive options
  • Pamela – Verbally alerts both parties that they are being recorded

Just be sure that the person on the other end knows that their call is being recorded. You wouldn’t want to be accused of wire-tapping, now, would you?

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