Top 5 tools to beat the boss

Top 5 tools to beat the boss

Donkey Kong screenshotI once worked with a guy who couldn’t help himself but play games on the internet while he was supposed to be working. It was a compulsion that eventually led to his sacking after the boss walked by his desk one too many times and was not impressed by what she saw on his screen – Donkey Kong. If only he’d known that there is software out there that can instantly hide your screen when you see the boss approaching and revert it to something much more workmanlike or serious. Once installed, most of these programs allow you to hit a “Boss Key” which instantly changes the screen. Of course, we don’t advocate this kind of behaviour at Softonic but if you really can’t help yourself, you’d better try one of these:

EfreeSoft Boss Key – Hide browser windows, folders and application windows in a keystroke

BossKey – Create two separate desktops and switch between them with a hotkey

Anti Boss Key – Features advanced options for games and videos

TopDesk – Get an overview of all open windows and select which one to show

Asmw Erase – A cleanup utility that also features a boss key for those awkward moments

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