Top 5 Track and Field downloads

Top 5 Track and Field downloads

Track & FieldWith the Olympics in Beijing exactly one month away now, you might be getting nostalgic for that all time classic game Track and Field which left many a hand blistered in arcades throughout the 1980’s. I remember the 100m hurdles being particularly stressful on my fingers to the point where I could no longer hold a coin long enough to play another game. In fact, it was the simple gameplay, based on quick, repetitive button presses that set the blueprint for sequels and similar games in the genre for the next few decades. Fortunately, the game was later released on the ZX Spectrum which saved me a hell of a lot of 10p’s in the arcade but also destroyed my keyboard. I was once so desperate to win gold in the 100m sprint that my Enter key ended up lodged deep inside the motherboard – I never did find out if I’d won gold as a result.

Track & Field
– The original arcade game emulated in all it’s glory

Track & Field – ZX Spectrum version of the game – just check out the lame graphics

Track & Field Machine – Download pictures of the original Track & Field arcade machine

Track & Field Strategy Guide
– Don’t beat your hands up – read this playing guide first

New International Track and Field – A modified version of the game for Nintendo DS

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