Top 5 undelete tools to rescue your files



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Delete KeyOne of the scariest things that can ever happen to you on your PC is to accidentally delete a file that you didn’t mean to. We’ve all done and we’ve all been there and usually, there’s not much you can do but lament your error. However, did you know that there is a chance you can recover any accidentally deleted files with undelete utilities? These tools work on the principle that Windows is often not very efficient at completely deleting all traces of your file and parts of it – sometimes all of it – can be reconstructed. Of course, it entirely depends on the type of file you have deleted. Multimedia files are usually very hard to recover but documents are more likely to be recoverable depending on how you deleted it. Here are 5 top tools to get you out of a sticky situation if you’ve just accidentally deleted that novel you’ve been working on for the past 10 years:

Undelete Plus – Can also recover files deleted from the Command prompt

Glary Undelete
– Recovers deleted files from your hard drive and external devices

File Scavenger – Powerful recovery program which can also recover corrupted files

DataRecovery – Free utility that works quickly and scans thoroughly

WinUndelete – Works on more or less everything including external drives and digital cameras



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