Top 5 XP widgets to make life easier

Top 5 XP widgets to make life easier

Widget logoWidgets have added a whole new dimension to Windows desktops allowing you to track and stay informed about your favourite sites and news sources more easily than ever before. If you’ve never tried one then widgets are basically downloadable tools that provide services such as showing you the latest news, the current weather, the time, a calendar, a map program, a calculator, a language translator among many other things. Windows Vista has incorporated widgets into its very make up automatically providing you with a calendar and clock widget as standard with options to add many more. Mac fans will be keen to point out that widgets have been a part of their world for a long time already as Cyril highlighted a while back. XP users however have had to wait until developers and software giants such as Yahoo have slowly released widgets that work on XP’s desktop but it’s been worth the wait.

Here are 5 XP widgets from Yahoo that you might not know about but should definitely check out:

Vista Sidebar XP – Get Vista’s widget sidebar on Windows XP for free

Picture Frame
– The quickest way to upload your favourite photos to Flickr

Yahoo! Widget Gallery – Get updated with the latest Yahoo widget releases

Rainlender – Fully customisable desktop calendar to make you better organised

Desktop X – Still haven’t found what you’re looking for? Then make your own widget with this

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