Top 5 YouTube channels for film buffs

Top 5 YouTube channels for film buffs
Troy Zaher

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There was a time when film criticism appeared only in newspapers. Maybe you’d catch it on TV. Thanks to YouTube, film criticism has never been more accessible. Not only that, but this commentary can vary from comedic to deeply analytical or anywhere in-between. Here is a list of some of the best channels to check out for film critics:

Top 5 YouTube channels for film buffs


CinemaSins is probably the most popular YouTube channel on this list, and for a good reason. While they tend to be a bit nitpicky, their humorous take on deconstructing film can be appreciated by every film viewer. Whether you hate a movie or love it, you can still find amusement with CinemaSins calling out some of their choices in regards to the film.


RedLetterMedia is widely known for their “Phantom Menace” review, and their way of approaching film criticism through comedy. They tend to focus on discussion of films and film topics in a comedic approach. Their comedy can be pretty dark compared to the others on this list, so be warned if that’s not your style. (Seriously, it’s dark.)

Lindsay Ellis

Formerly known as the “Nostalgic Chick”, from the once popular “Channel Awesome,” Lindsay Ellis has evolved into a film reviewer who uses an academic approach to looking at film. She’ll often give a detailed explanation of a film’s history, and then explore what’s successful about and what isn’t and why. All this with some light humor thrown in. She is definitely for people who like to see a detailed analysis of film.


FilmJoy features a combination of the comedy one might see in something like CinemaSins and RedLetterMedia, with the analytical approach of YouTubers like Lindsay Ellis. Most popularly known for its series “Movies with Mikey”, his YouTube channel features a variety of approaches to film viewing and critiques.


ScreenJunkies works more like its own television program, rather than a YouTube channel. It hosts various shows and parodies that discuss or comment on movies and television. They are probably most well-known for their “Honest Trailers” series, where they poke fun at movie trailers, but they have a wide variety of programing.

The world of YouTube film critics is larger than some might expect. Some of the best ones are popular already, while others are hidden gems. Hopefully, this list helped you find a few more channels to check out!

Troy Zaher

Troy Zaher

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