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Top 7 affordable accessories for your car

Now that summer is here, it’s time to jump in your car and get away. Small towns, mountains, cities, beaches… Anywhere is good for disconnecting from your daily routine. But it’s also true that you should be well prepared for the trip. That’s why, today at Softonic, we’re thinking of you: here are the top 7 affordable accessories for your car.

Magnetic car phone mount

Made of a large rubber base and a magnetic head, its function is simple: it lets you mount your cell phone to your air vent without side grips. It simply brings your device closer and “sticks” there. The magnetic mount is incredibly strong, which guarantees your smartphone won’t fall off when driving through a curve or pothole. Also, we should note that the magnets used in the mount don’t harm your cell phone, one of the main concerns of this kind of gadget. And for less than $8, it’s a steal.

Trunk organizer

Don’t kid yourself: the trunk of your car is a disaster. It happens to everybody. On one side, you’ve got rags; on the other, tools, a car jack, reflective vests, some old oil change receipts, and a menu from a Chinese restaurant that closed in 2009. This situation is pretty common, so it’s ideal to use a car trunk organizer. Once your trunk is organized, it’ll be easier to keep track of the important stuff and it will be easier to remove if you need to haul something big.

First aid kit

A must-have for any car: a first aid kit. It’s essential to have one in the backseat or in that trunk organizer you just bought. Specifically, this kit includes a total of 100 items, from scissors to metal tweezers, bandages, finger splints, pads, and adhesive tape. All the essentials to get you patched up until you can get some real medical help.

Seat cover for pets

If you have a dog, you’re likely worried about his safety when you take him in the backseat of your car for a long trip. With this backseat cover, you’ll not only make sure it’s secure and comfortable, but you’ll also avoid hair and dirt from getting on your car. Oh, and it’s got a hammock style, so your pet will travel like a furry king.


Car neck pillow

If you’ve got a long road trip ahead, why not ride in style? Add a car neck pillow and upgrade your basically useless headrest. Sturdy and with a quality design, they’re great for your car, but you can also use them when traveling on a plane or train, where the headrests are usually more stiff and less comfortable.

Parking sensor

This is something that most new cars have and it’s totally awesome: a parking sensor. With a digital display, it has four types of sensors, a double CPU and an advanced chipset to improve detection. It has a detection range of up to 8 feet, more than enough distance so you don’t back into anything unaware. For $15, you can save yourself hundreds or thousands of dollars in repair fees.

Car air freshener

We’ll wrap up this list with a must-have for your car: a good air freshener. This one clips perfectly to any air vent, so you don’t need anything else. In addition, it has a refill kit, so you just have to open it and add a few drops of essential oil to a pad for it to continue working worry-free. Will you make your ride smell like lavender? Cinnamon? Piña colada? You have the power!

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