Top 8 gag gifts to give this Christmas

Top 8 gag gifts to give this Christmas
Madison Brown

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We know what it’s like to be a terrible gift giver, and if you’re like us, Christmas is a stressful time of the year. The thought of giving someone you care about a present and the fear of them being disappointed can be too much to bear. The good news is that you can mask your crippling fear of rejection with humor! Check out the list below of gag gifts that your loved ones will enjoy.

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Top 8 gag gifts to give for the holidays

1. Selfie Toaster

selfie toaster

Ideal gift for: the cousin who has a picture of herself as her phone background.

The selfie toaster is perfect for your most conceited loved one. When you order, you’ll be prompted to submit a photo for the toaster’s insert. Make sure that the photo has a bright background behind the subject, and bam – an edible face. Purchase one for $49.99, and pay a little more if you want more than one insert.

2. Crafting with Cat Hair Book

crafting with cat hair

Ideal gift for: the coworker who has no idea what a lint roller is.

Coin purses for your change, and warm winter mittens – there’s nothing you can’t create with cat hair, apparently. For an affordable price, the receiver of this book will have enough craft inspiration to last them a lifetime, and they’ll be doing a favor for everyone that they come in contact with that is allergic to cats as well.

3. Star-Filled Envelope

star filled envelope

Ideal gift for: that friend who won’t shut up about Mercury being in retrograde.

It’s okay. Bad things happen and crappy decisions are made, but you can’t blame it on the planets. The inside of this envelope is black and speckled with little glowing stars, so hopefully ,your annoying friend is so busy trying to see her future that she won’t have time bore you to death with her daily horoscope. Where there’s one, there are many, so buy a pack of five and have her pass them out to her other friends.

4. Chewbacca Hoodie

chewbacca hoodie

Ideal gift for: the person who is always cold.

Winter is coming and if you’re in a part of the world that experiences it, get this gift for the person you know who is always wearing three pairs of socks and a hat inside. They’ll be warm and stylish and your heating bill won’t suffer. It’ll keep you warmer than the inside of a tauntaun. Buy yours from Amazon.

5. Unforgettable Senior Moments Book

senior moments book

Ideal gift for: anyone 30 years old or above.

Technically, we die a little every day. Tease anyone older than you with this book of the funniest moments of forgetfulness. Let’s hope they’ll remember to read it. Buy it on Amazon.

6. World’s Largest Cup of Coffee

largest cup of coffee

Ideal gift for: the person who spends half of their paycheck at Starbucks.

If the person who gets this gift actually tries to drink from this cup, you should probably worry. Hey, at least they’ll be able to tell concerned family and friends that they only had one cup of coffee today. Grab yours from Amazon today.

7. Customized Fortune Cookies

customized fortune cookies

Ideal gift for: anyone and everyone.

This gift is great because you can personalize it for anyone you can think of and have it say anything. Message for your Mom? How about “I don’t want to have children”? For your boss? “I don’t get paid enough to deal with you.”  Nothing is off-limits, so have at it. These cookies come in a variety of different flavors starting at 25 cents per cookie, so check out your options here.

8. Wine Bottle Puzzle

wine bottle puzzle

Ideal gift for: the aunt that you only see at Christmas who drinks all the wine, then leaves.

If your moods tend to get a little elevated at your family gatherings when alcohol is involved,  gift this to the person most responsible. Greet them at the door with it, then hide the rest of the alcohol. Everyone else will thank you, and you’ll have about 50% fewer arguments happening around the dinner table. Pick from a variety of different puzzles from Amazon.

There’s something for everyone on this list, so give these gifts and have a hilarious holiday season.

Madison Brown

Madison Brown

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