Top applications for Diggers

DiggDigg, the community based website, can be quite addictive, especially when you start digging (rating) stories, leaving comments or just looking around for popular new stories. For users who may have never heard of Digg, it’s essentially a website that leaves editorial control to its users, where stories most voted for are brought to the top of the home page. Digg has been criticized for the excessive freedom it gives users and for the control some of the top diggers exert on which stories get at the top. Yet no one can deny the influence Digg has on the web and the importance of the site as a news source. Making the top of the Digg home page can literally take you from obscurity to extreme popularity in a few minutes.

Is there any way to monitor Digg from your desktop? You can install DiggUpdate, available both for PC and Mac, to monitor latest stories on Digg’s home page straight from your menu bar. Another way to follow Digg updates from your desktop, instead this time from your system tray, is by installing TechTray. Working essentially as a simplified RSS reader, TechTray can also bring you news from other big tech websites. Mac users should also set up the excellent Dashboard widget. You can choose which of the 17 categories you want to follow, and see stories that have been dugg, submitted or made the front page. Last but not least, Digg-a-meter, claims to calculate your chances of reaching the Digg home page by analyzing your headline and article summary. Not a proven formula though, so don’t get your hopes up too high.

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