Top apps to improve your iPhone camera and photos

Top apps to improve your iPhone camera and photos

The iPhone’s camera may not have the most pixels, but it can take impressive photos. Unfortunately, the native camera app is really basic, so here are some apps to help!

Take better Pictures:

Grid Cam – Composition isn’t my strong point with photography, and this simple app helps a lot. It adds a grid to the screen, making it easy to think about the composition of your photograph. Grid Cam also adds a spirit level to the center of the screen so your there’s no excuse for wonky pictures!

Darkroom – Blurry photos are often caused by shaky hands, and Darkroom fixes this in two ways. Firstly it increases the shutter speed, and secondly it picks a stable moment to take a photo giving you a much better chance of a crisp result. It’s not perfect, but will stop you getting blurred images.

Edit your pictures:

PhotoShop Mobile – If you want to add an effect, alter the focus or color saturation of a picture, the most user friendly app is Photoshop. It really takes advantage of the touchscreen, allowing you to drag your finger left to right to increase an effect on an image, and see the results in real time. You can also crop, rotate and flip images with ease.

Mill Colour – Only edits color, but is a bit more professional than Photoshop. It has some really good color controls, giving you a lot of subtle power over your pictures. It’s less user friendly, but with practice is much more flexible. It also features a great range of instant ‘Looks‘ that you can add to an image, and I think the selection is more tasteful than Photoshop’s.

Add tools:

Camera Plus – There’s no digital zoom on the iPhone’s camera app, and Camera Plus sorts that out. Of course, digital zoom never gives great results, but it’s better than no zoom! This also adds a digital flash, which digitally alters your images as if the iPhone had a flash. It’s not fantastic, but does help lighten images take in dark places!

QuadCamera – The only paid app in my list, but I love this toy. It takes four or eight pictures in quick succession, meaning you can take great pictures capturing movement. You can even turn the results into animated GIFs!  The interface is great, and the app has really good settings so you can capture images the way you want to.

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