Top bar tending games

Bar with all sorts of alcoholOpening and managing a bar seems like a pretty tough job: long hours, licenses to comply with, tables to clean. And yet there’s the good side of it like meeting all sorts of strange people, serving exotic beverages and listening to cool music all day long. Before you dish out and decide to have your own pub though, we highly suggest trying your hand out at a bar tending game. Take Barman’s life. In this logic style game, you have to handle rows of patrons, making sure they’re never too empty or too full, by serving the right drinks at the right moments. Wanna become the most famous bar tender in the world? How about creating the craziest cocktails then? In Happy Hour you get to use the Cocktail-o-Matic 6000, a machine to create all sorts of crazy and exotic drinks. In Betty’s Beer Bar, the idea is not so much to have a successful pub as to make enough money serving beers to one day get to fly off to the Caribbeans. As Seinfeld would say, “Good luck with that!”

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