Top baseball downloads

Top baseball downloads

Be a big hitter in the baseball leaguesInspired by the Yankees’ awesome start to the second half of the Major League Baseball season, we began trawling the Softonic vaults in search of apps that would feed our passion for hitting homers. Besides the usual simulations, there are all manner of programs designed to help you improve your game and even to manage your own team and try taking them all the way to the top. Here are our picks:

Out of the Park Baseball Manager – Find out if you’ve got what it takes to become a baseball manager in this realistic sim with real life teams and players.

Nostaligia Baseball – Set up your own baseball franchise and play against other managers online by assembling a team from the best players in history.

Baseball Statbook – Keep track of baseball or softball statistics and generate overall hitting and pitching figures.

MLB Schedule – Now you can follow the baseball season on your desktop by installing this Mac dashboard widget that provides you with all manner of information on upcoming games, scores, TV listings and player stats.

Baseball Memories – Improve your game by charting where you’re hitting the ball using this handy app.

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