Top dinosaur downloads

Top dinosaur downloads

Dinosaurs 3D ScreensaverEver since I watched the tyrannosaurus pluck that man off the toilet in Jurrassic Park, I’ve developed an almost unhealthy obsession with dinosaurs. Having just discovered there’s been a new sighting of T Rex footprints in England, I thought I’d devote the rest of the day to downloading software related to these majestic beasts.

Before I kicked off my dino quest I made sure my computer looked the part by installing the Dinosaur 3D Screensaver. Now, whenever my PC is idle I get to experience realistic animations and sounds of some of the most ferocious creatures from the year 200 Million BC.

Next, it was time to check out some of the games the cavemen (probably) used to play. Although slightly simplistic, Diego’s Dinosaur Adventure is a great one for the kids, tasking the player with the task of collecting bones in a personalised field journal in order to unlock colouring actitivies. It’s great for improving hand-eye-co-ordination and learning dinosaur basics.

I was also impressed with Dinosaur Carribean Poker in which you gamble on cards in a stone-age themed poker game. After getting fleeced for 300 rocks by a stegosaurus I decided to cut my losses and install Dynomite Deluxe, a fast-paced, egg-tossing prehistoric puzzle game that proves to be lots of fun. I’m now so dino-crazy that I’ve even installed a dinosaur game on my phone. Thanks to Cybersaurus, I now get to grabble with robotic dinosaurs while I’m on the bus.

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