Top Dock customizers for Mac

Cyril Roger


DockThe new Dock featured in Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard) became a point of debate among Mac fans. Not everybody liked the new bright active-application signal, the depth given to icons and stacks. Frequently using both Panther and Leopard, I can tell I definitely prefer the new Dock. It looks much cleaner and offers more ways to display items in folders.

What Apple was criticised for with the new Dock was the lack of customization. Developers took the matter into their own hands and started developing applications to let you tweak the aspect of the Dock. We’ve rounded up a few of those and summarized what makes them special:

  • Dockchanger – Hate the 3D look? Dockchanger brings back the 2D theme for you.
  • DockDoctor – Eight cool Dock styles and being able to switch from 3D to 2D make DockDoctor an attractive customizer.
  • Dockables – Add little actions for specific actions on your Dock. Only for Dock addicts!
  • ClearDock – Change the color of all elements in the Dock and even make it transparent.
  • SuperDocker – Not limited to the Dock, this app lets you customize the appearance of many elements in Leopard.
  • Quay – Brings hierarchical menus back to your Dock.
  • Dockdrop – Adds a little icon in your Dock to transfer files simply by drag and drop.
  • Docktop – Supercharge your Dock and tweak the appearance of everything from position to color.

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