Top eBay tools for Mac

Cyril Roger


ebayWith Christmas just around the corner you may want to turn to online auction sites for original presents to offer to your friends and relatives. Or you can take the opportunity to sell off any thing you don’t need anymore to Christmas shoppers. eBay is a good place to turn, as you can get pretty much anything you’d wish for. While the site is fairly easy to browse, there’s ways of handling your auctions all from the comfort of your Mac’s desktop. We handpicked the top five eBay applications on Mac for you:

  • GarageSale – Great interface with a WYSiWYG editor. Works with iPhoto to show snaps of products you’re auctioning. Can preview auctions and listings and is certified by eBay. Works with most of the eBaysites worldwide.
  • eBay Watcher – A great Dashboard widget to have on your Mac. Lets you search for any item by name or code, monitor three auctions at once, see current bidding price and the time left to auction.
  • EbayAddict – Track all your eBay auctions with this other Mac Dashboard widget. EbayAddict can show an unlimited number of items and is updated to the minute, revealing time left to bid and current price.
  • iSale – Best used if you plan to sell items on eBay, iSale lets you customize your auctions thanks to a set of templates. Drag and drop pictures of your goods and create smart groups to organize your auctions. Also features a widget to monitor auctions in real time.
  • GarageBuy – The ideal tool for the true eBay addict, GarageBuy lets you create smart searches to monitor specific auctions on eBay. View everything straight from the application’s interface, such as owner details, item photos and bidding info. Features a good search engine to quickly find anything.

And for PC users out there, don’t forget we also have a list of top eBay assistants for Windows.

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