Top iOS Christmas specials

James Thornton


It’s not just the TV listings that are full of Christmas specials this holiday season – the App Store is too! Developers of popular iOS applications and games, such as Angry Birds, Weather HD and Amateur Brain Surgeon are entering into the festive spirit by releasing seasonal versions of their creations. Some come at a price, others simply out of the goodness of their hearts. Aw! Here are some of my favorites.

Angry Birds Seasons

When I wrote about the new Angry Birds advent levels at the start of the month, I was worried that just one new challenge a day wouldn’t satisfy my insatiable cravings for bird flinging. 13 days in, and now I’m wishing the developer, Chillingo, would stop adding more levels for a while, such is the fiendishly difficult nature of the challenges that have been served up so far. Price: 99 cents

Angry Birds Seasons

Weather HD: Christmas Edition

Weather HD is probably the most beautiful way of checking the forecast on your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch. The app displays the current conditions in the form of gorgeous high definition videos. The all-new seasonal videos in this Christmas edition make the chance of snow even more exciting and dramatic. Price: 99 cents

Weather HD

Cut the Rope: Holiday Gift

Another smash hit title from Chillingo has been given a seasonal makeover in the form of Cut the Rope: Holiday Gift. This free update of the puzzle game features 25 new Christmassy levels in which you need to feed little Om Nom with candles. Expect teleporting stockings, Christmas tree backgrounds and plenty of jingly festive music in this addictive new edition. Price: Free

Cut the Rope

Amateur Surgeon Christmas Edition

In my opinion, Amateur Surgeon boasts the sickest black humor of any iPhone app ever. This seasonal update cranks up the gross-out factor even more. Your mission is to save Christmas by performing makeshift operations on Santa and his elves using the various power tools you find lying around the tool shed. Not one for the faint hearted. Price: free

Amateur Surgeon

My Little Restaurant: Christmas Edition

Heaven knows why you’d want to work in a packed restaurant over Christmas (the tips I guess), but now you can, thanks to this festive reworking of a great little time management-style strategy game. The object is keep the customers happy by seating them, waiting tables, preparing food and clearing the dishes. The Christmas version includes new characters such as Santa and his elves. There are also gameplay tweaks, including the addition of holiday performers, and present collecting challenges. Price: 99 cents

My Little Restaurant

Robot Unicorn Attack Christmas Edition

The addictive version of the surreal, yet highly addictive unicorn-charging game, brings a festive twist the proceedings. Charge at full speed through the winter wonderland,  glide through the purple air with the elves, and blow up snowflakes with all your might. It’s a really original way to get into the Christmas spirit. Price: 99 cents

Robot Unicorn Attack

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