Top plugins and add-ons for Outlook/Hotmail

Top plugins and add-ons for Outlook/Hotmail

Are you more of a Gmail or Hotmail person? The two biggest email services on the internet. In fact, it’s typical when somebody asks for your email, after saying the @ sign, to check if “you’re Gmail or Hotmail?” If you’re the latter, today’s post is for you: four plugins or add-ons for Outlook/Hotmail to make the most of your account.



In our opinion, this is the best service for sending and receiving money: PayPal. It’s convenient, popular and easy-to-use, and it’s unusual for an online business not to accept payment through this platform. Did you know you can integrate it with your email?

To use it, you only have to write a new email and go to the classic system icon. If you click it, Hotmail will open a window to the right side, where you have to put in your username and password. Do that and now you can send money to anybody as if you were on PayPal itself. Awesome, right?

Insert GIFs

Did you really think GIFs weren’t possible on Hotmail? Of course they are! The popular image format has a lead role within this Microsoft email system.

To add GIFS just click on the add image button, and you’ll see Bing next to the option to upload an image from your computer or the cloud. Here is the critical point. Search for the image you want and in the type bar select animated GIF image. Then, the search engine will return the most fitting results for your search.


You can add a default translator to your email. We’re not kidding. With this extension, which you can download here, you can get all emails in other languages to appear translated.

The only thing this plugin asks for is the source language. It’s easy to see why: the extension can’t automatically identify the language, so after you select the source, the database will do the rest. Don’t expect a fantastic translation though; it’ll give you a quick-and-dirty one.


We’ll wrap up this list of plugins and add-ons for Hotmail with Evernote. It’s not the first time we’ve talked about this app for note-taking. In fact, if you’re a Softonic fan, you know we’re in love with it, because of how easy it is to use.

Evernote is also available for Hotmail using this extension. It acts as a database: collecting all possible notes and keeping them organized. The best part of having it linked to Hotmail is that you can attach all notes captured with Evernote directly to your email. This will make your life easier if you use the app.

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