Top soccer games for iPhone

Top soccer games for iPhone

It’s been a long time coming, but finally there’s now a clutch of decent soccer games to choose from on the iPhone. I recently tested FIFA 10, which brings the realism of the console game to the small screen with some aplomb. The great thing about the title is undoubtedly its vast licensing agreements, meaning you can play as real players in real teams in real leagues across the World. There’s even a management option that lets you take command of a team and guide them to success.

FIFA brings all the real players to your iPhone

While FIFA 10 has the plush presentation and full licenses, X2 Soccer 2009 has arguably the better gameplay. You could almost describe X2 as the Pro Evolution Soccer of the iPhone world. The game isn’t packaged quite as neatly but boy does it play well. The graphics and animation feel more fluid than FIFA, and the fact that there are three action buttons rather than two makes it feel like you have more control over the players. The sound effects and the commentary are also something to be admired in X2 Soccerl 2009.

X2 Football boasts excellent gameplay

The other member of the ‘Big Three’ of iPhone soccer games is Real Soccer 2010, a game packed with plenty of different playing modes and online options. You can choose to take part in leagues, cup competitions, career mode, or the ‘enter the legend’ game, where you play as one player. Multiplayer matches can be played either on the Internet via WiFi, or locally through Bluetooth or WiFi. The graphics in Real Soccer 2010 are excellent and there are 14 stadiums to choose from, all lovingly modelled on real grounds in 3D.

Real Soccer lives up to its name

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