Top software for farmers

Don't make a pig's ear of your farming jobI used to want to be a farmer when I grew up, until I got a job as a strawberry picker and realised I didn’t want to get muddy every day. However, plenty of people are able to put this hardship aside and make it big in the farming world. I imagine it’s still a very rewarding career and whether you’re into arable methods or are strictly a livestock fan, there’s plenty of computer software that can help you in your day-to-day work.

For starters, you need to make sure you get up really, really early, so install an alarm clock program. Instead of having to wake up to the sound of a rooster, you can use Alarm Clock Pro to choose your own song to raise you. Once you’re up, then why not make use of all those fresh crops that are kicking about to make a hearty breakfast? If you’re stuck for recipes then download Recipe Cookbook for more than 2,000 inspirational ideas. While you munch away, why not check on the all-important weather forecast for the day using Weather Watcher?

Honing your farming skills can be done in a fun way and there are plenty of decent games such as Redneck Kentucky or Chicken Chase, which test your rounding-up/shooting skills. If, after a long day at the milk pumps, you’re still hankering for a taste of muck, then simply install a farming-related screensaver such as Happy Farm or Run Turkey Run and enjoy the simple life even when you’re not working.

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