Top software for medical professions

Medical symbolTechnological innovations in modern medicine like aspirin, the pacemaker or laser surgery have considerably improved human life. Technology really goes hand in hand with medicine and nowadays any well respected doctor needs to carry around a handheld device or know how to work with online databases and medical records.

We’ve listed a few programs across all platforms, Windows, Mac, Pocket PC and Palm that medical professionals can use in their work environment.

  • Blood Pressure Recorder – Monitor your patients’ blood pressure daily.
  • HeyDoc! – A Windows guide to store all medical information.
  • SiDiary – A Pocket PC tool to manage data of diabetic patients.
  • Psychiatric Tools WM – This Pocket PC program lets you quickly confirm and diagnose personality disorders.
  • Taber’s Cyclopedic Medical Dictionary – A reference in medical circles, this Pocket PC dictionary defines more than 56,000 terms.
  • Nursing Central – Access to medical journals, drug guides and 664 diagnostic tests.
  • OsiriX – Process DICOM images on your Mac.
  • RAAViewer – View labelled images of the human anatomy.
  • 4Peaks – A Mac program for biologists to edit DNA sequences.
  • FileMed – Handle all medical records of your patients from your PC.
  • Archimedes – An easy to use Palm calculator with preprogrammed formulas most used by medical professionals.
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