Top software tools for pranksters

You were the official prankster in your class. Whenever you were around, nobody was safe from the classic paper doll or the more aggressive “kick me” notice. Later on, you learnt from Bart Simpson’s phone jokes on Moe. Now you feel a bit too old to keep on playing jokes on the people around you. But hey, we’re in the era of technology and computers have become your best allies, providing you with a wide array of prank software.

Custom error messages
A common way to play computer jokes is by creating customized error messages. You can start with MBoX, an easy-to-use error generator that saves error messades as self-executable files. Another option is Dr. Windows, which already includes a few predefined messages.

Top software tools for pranksters

Stubborn mouse
Another way to laugh at your workmates is by tweaking their mouse. The easiest trick is swapping the left and right buttons in the Control Panel, but if you’re looking for a more sophisticated joke try SakasaMouse, a tool that swaps the mouse’s vertical and horizontal axis. User paranoia guaranteed! If that’s not enough yet, the last ace up your sleeve can be ButtonShyMouse, with which the mouse won’t click on buttons or the Start menu.

Did you hear that?

Top software tools for pranksters

The jokes we’ve seen so far fall on the passive category: you prepare them and then wait for your victim to catch the bait. But for the next one you’re given an active role. Simply launch Funny Voice and see how your voice changes according to different settings. Another sound-related prank tools is Random Burper: which such a self-explanatory name, I guess it doesn’t require any more details.

That picture is looking at me
I’m sure you’ve had this feeling before: an old portrait hanging on the wall of an art museum that seems to be looking straight into your eyes. Scary, huh? With EyeRoller you can transform this feeling into something real, by creating images that actually follow the mouse with their eyes.

Screen psychodelia
Now that you’ve tweaked our victim’s mouse, error messages, sounds and pictures is there anything left? Of course: use Desktop Fun to apply the most varied special effects on their computer: blur, 180º inversion, rotation, waves, black and white… an authentic desktop madness!

[Via: OnSoftware Spain]

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